Frequently Asked Questions

How to install and run the game:

Please check the guide I created here: Fish Fillets Mini

The game installer has been created using this repository: linux-installer.

Due to its size (currently 1.2Gb) it will not be hosted on git. If you are interested you can contribute to its distribution through torrent or host it on a server.

Problems running the game

###Error [love “boot.lua”]:321: No code to run, Your game might be packaged incorrectly. Make sure main.lua is at the top level of the zip.

That error means that you did not zipped the game correctly, you need to zip the files inside the folder and not the folder contaning the files.

Error Could not open file whatever. Does not exist.

The assets are probably not properly installed, make sure the assets are at the root of the game’s folder inside a folder called “externalassets”

Error attempt to index global ‘whatever’(a nil value)

Unless you found a bug (please report it) it probably means the assets are not properly installed

Some languages make the game crash

The game always expect all the voices loaded when you start a level, French, Polish and Dutch languages have only one actor yet, to hear those language select English first and then switch with the key “O” to those languages, the game will mix English with them and the game will not crash.

How can I play with a different resolution?

The resolutions options are not working properly yet, only 1080p works without issues.

You can switch to 1366x768 pixels by pressing the key “R”, If the background and assets are not aligned and properly resized press the key “G” and everything will be in place.

After level 12 the game does not detect that the level is completed

The exit areas are not completed yet. Once they are done, this issue will be gone and this question will be removed.

I can’t control the game with the mouse

Mouse controls are not implemented yet.

Why are the assets so heavy?

The biggest files from the assets can be divided into three parts:

  • The backgrounds: The game targets 4K resolution and every level contains several layers with alpha mask.
  • The music: The assets includes a selection of more than 30 tracks with some variations and mixes.
  • The dialogs: The game is dubbed in several languages.

If you prefer to play the game without the heavy assets there is a 1mb version of the game here:

Fish Fillets Mini

I can’t move the fish in the Vr game

Vr controls are being ported and they are not implemented yet.

Where can I find the key options?

Press the key “H” for Help during gameplay and it will show all available options.