Fish fillets remake (2022) is an attempt at remaking the wonderful puzzle created by ALTAR interactive with lua and love using modern libraries. See comparison




Fish Fillets                Commercial, freeware, released on 1998, 70 levels,
                            Windows (win32), delphi pascal, license GNU/GPL since 2004, 

Fish Fillets - NG           Open source,  released on 2004, 80 levels(10 extra),
                            Linux, FreeBSD,windows, MacOsX, C++, SDL, LUA, license GNU/GPL,

Fish Fillets remake 2022    Open source, in development, 80 levels (from Fish Fillets NG)
                            All platforms supported by love(Linux,Windows, MacOSX, android),
                            Lua, Löve

Controls and rules

  • Controls:

Keyboard: you can move with arrows , WASD and space to change fish. Press -h- to see all available options.

Gamepad and touch controls are implemented.

  • Rules:

The same rules as Fish Fillets NG applies:

  • You can transfer objects from one fish to another
transfer objects
  • There are steel (heavy) objects that only the big fish can move.
heavy objects
  • If an objects falls over any of the fishs it kills them instantly.
deadly objects

You can push objects as long as they are supported by another object or the map in the next position

push objects

There are two main differences with the rules of the original game till the original rules are implemented:

  • The fish can push unsupported objects even if remains unsupported on the next position.
push objects
push objects

(the 3 last figures above represent the original rules that are not yet implemented but will be in the future)


This game is under development, expect many changes to the graphics.


Click here to see more screenshots: https://glitchapp.codeberg.page/screenshots



Fish fillets Mini: https://codeberg.org/glitchapp/fish-fillets-remake/releases/tag/Fish-fillets-mini (The game reduced to 1mb)

Source code:

Assets: https://codeberg.org/glitchapp/fishfillets-remake-assets.

To setup and play the game from source please install love2d and copy the assets to the game’s folder and rename it’s root folder to “externalassets”.

Problems trying to run the game? please check the F.A.Q. section: https://glitchapp.codeberg.page/#frequently-asked-questions


The original game was made with Pascal and Borland Delphi 3. The port was made with C++, SDL and Lua for level scripting. This remake is made in Lua and Löve. The following Love Libraries are used:

<https://3dreamengine.github.io/3DreamEngine/>      3DreamEngine is an *awesome* 3d engine

<https://github.com/idbrii/love-moonshine>          Chainable post-processing shaders

<https://github.com/tanema/talkies>                 A dialog system for Löve2d.

<https://github.com/9912/moonvox>                   LuaJIT bindings for SunVox

<https://github.com/rxi/lovebpm>                    A LÖVE library for syncing events 
                                                    to the BPM of an audio track

>https://github.com/matiasah/shadows>               A Shadows & Lights engine for löve

<https://github.com/Eiyeron/LV-100>                 A love2d library that emulates
                                                    a retro terminal

Vr port

Click here for more info: https://glitchapp.codeberg.page/vr

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to access the F.A.Q. section: https://glitchapp.codeberg.page/faq

Join us!

There are thousands of ways to improve this project, whether you have ideas for new levels or you want to contribute in any discipline, you can share your ideas and take part on the project.

main developer: <glitchapp[at]disroot[dot]org>